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Grass-Fed Hamburger Box

$90.00  per box

Ten pounds of grass-fed hamburger from our ranch to your door. We pride ourselves on the flavor of our naturally raised beef. Our ranch follows a regenerative process where we move our cattle to a new pasture every day. Our cows drink high quality water vs. water directly from a pond that they urinate and defecate in. No antibiotics, added hormones or GMO’s.

If you want more than 10 pounds of grass-fed hamburger just increase the quantity to get multiple boxes of 10 pounds of hamburger.

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Not only is our grass-fed hamburger flavorful, it’s also good for you, (90% lean). If you look at regular feed lot hamburger at 90% lean it’s very expensive. In fact, we have seen it priced as high as $9.50 per pound (plus tax). We provide a high quality grass-fed hamburger for those in the Kansas City area at a very affordable price ($8 a pound – no tax). Grass finished hamburger is healthy for you and very KETO friendly.

Our extra lean hamburger comes in one pound packages making it convenient for recipes and families of all sizes. Our grass-fed cattle are naturally raised and only eat grass their entire life. No GMO feed, no antibiotics and no added hormones. We move our cattle every day so they are eating the freshest grass possible. This process is called rotational grazing.

Don’t purchase your meat from a local butcher or grocery store. Cut out the middle man, reduce your cost and know exactly where your beef comes from, our ranch. You can even come out and visit us if you’d like, we’d love to show you around.


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