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Premium Steaks and Hamburger

$150.00  per box

This box includes a mixture of 100% grass-fed/grass finished steaks and hamburger. This box includes 5 pounds of our PREMIUM steaks and 5 pounds of our 90% lean hamburger. Our premium steaks are Cowboy Ribeye and T-Bone Steaks. Your box will include a mixture of these steaks in your box. Everything is vacuum sealed and delivered to your door. Our prices are a lot lower than the national direct-to-consumer prices.

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This is like a family barbecue in a box with grass-fed steaks and hamburger. Mix and match with other boxes if you need more. We have divided our steaks into two different categories. The premium steaks (like the ones included in this box) are your higher priced cuts. Our premium steaks include Cowboy Ribeye and T-Bone steaks. Standard steaks are great cuts that everyone enjoys. The standard steaks are Kansas City Strip, Top Sirloin, Short Ribs and Flank. We believe our prices are lower than you find anywhere online for USDA certified grass-fed/grass finished beef.

Our cows are rotated every day to a new patch of grass. This process is called rotational grazing. This provides. them with the freshest grass possible every day. We also keep our cows out of our ponds. The cows health is important to the quality of the meat. Allowing a cow to drink water from where the herd urinates and defecates spoils the taste of the meat.

We age our beef for 14-days. This dry aging process adds flavor and tenderness to the meat. We have had numerous people tell us how flavor our beef is. We do a lot of little things around our ranch to make our beef taste as good as possible.

If you have never cooked grass-fed steaks and hamburger before please check out our page on how to cook grass-fed beef. It’s totally different than cooking a fat piece of meat that has been fed corn and not allowed to move much. It’s a low-heat process and a sear at the end. Marinating is your friend.

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