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Where’s The Ranch

Our cattle ranch is just North of Kansas City in Lawson, Missouri. Lawson is a small town just North of Liberty about 15 miles. Lawson is a wonderful small town and a great place to raise a family. We have 100 acres of land with rolling hills, creeks and large oak and walnut trees. We are currently trying to do everything we can to make a very natural environment for our cattle.

We love it where we live. We love looking out our windows and seeing the cows in the pasture. When you’re that far from the city the stars seem like they’re within an arms reach. On a cloudy night it’s pitch black outside. Without a flashlight you can see your hand in front of your face.

We are always learning things. One of the first things we learned was that you don’t move black Angus cows on a cloudy night. You can’t see anything, let alone black cows.

All Natural

We believe in naturally raised cattle that live off of what God set aside for them to eat, grass. Our cattle do not eat anything but grass their whole life. It makes the meat taste better and it’s better for you.

We do not use any synthetic fertilizers on our pasture. The only thing we add to our pastures is chicken litter. That is a mixture of chicken poop and chicken feathers. It’s a natural fertilizer that doesn’t kill the natural microbes in the soil that help the grass grow. It’s a longer process but it’s a safer and more natural.

We don’t give our cattle hormones to grow faster. Injecting hormones into meat has been shown to pass through the meat and into our bodies. It’s not a natural process so we don’t do it.

We believe you should know exactly where your meat is coming from. Did you know that meat coming into the United States does not have to state it’s place of origin even if it is outside the United States. There are a lot of things to look for when you buy meat for your family. Rest assured, if you buy meat from us you’ll know where it comes from and how it’s lived it’s life. The quality will be noticeable.


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