Watch Out For Fake Grass-Fed Beef

Unless you are purchasing your grass-fed beef from a local rancher like us in Kansas City you just never know exactly where or how you beef was raised. Unfortunately, there are not enough standard labeling that is governed in the United States.

Most of the grass-fed beef you see in grocery stores like Walmart and other major stores comes from Australia, Uruguay or other countries but still labeled product of USA. It’s crazy. Even though you think you’re buying a product that was raised in the United States, 90% of the time it’s from another country.

You can always come to our local ranch here in Kansas City, Missouri to see our cows and how they are raised. We have nothing to hide. All grass from birth to harvest, no antibiotics and no added hormones.

Unfortunately, the word grass-fed doesn’t mean the cow has been fed only grass from birth to harvest. You would think it means that but almost every cow is grass-fed. They raise them from a calf to about 600 pounds on grass and maybe a little grain. Once sold to the feedlots the cows are given predominately grain, they are given antibiotics to keep them alive and they restrict their movement so they gain as much weight as possible.

This article from the Huff Post tells you more, “How to Avoid Buying Fake Grass-Fed Beef”.

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