USDA Certified Grass-Fed Beef

USDA Certified

We have always provided a truly organic product that is 100% grass-fed, grass finished, no GMO’s and antibiotic free. Not everyone in out there is always telling the truth about their grass-fed product. In order to make our customers feel better we went the extra mile and received our USDA certified grass-fed beef certification. Our ranch was audited and we passed with flying colors.

What Does Certified Grass-Fed Beef Mean?

Being certified by the USDA takes the guess work out for our customers. They don’t have to worry if we’re telling the truth or not. This provides some legitimacy to our operation. You can check us out by clicking HERE.

The process involves providing a lot of detailed information to the USDA and then a formalized audit of your ranch. They must be 100% sure that you are only feeding your cattle grass from the time they are born until the time they are processed.

For us, it’s a little badge of honor but we still live by the old ways where your word was better than any piece of paper. Trust is a word you hold dearly and don’t ever wonder from. For us it’s operation as normal but for you, our customers, you can not rest assured we are providing a quality grass-fed only product to your door.

There are only three ranches in Missouri that are USDA certified grass-fed beef. We are the only one even close to Kansas City, MO.

Other Grass-Fed Certifications

There are a couple of other grass-fed certifications out there. I’m sure those associations are wonderful. We elected to go with the USDA certified grass-fed beef certification because it was a well known entity. Not everyone knows or understands AGW (A Greener World), AGA (American Grass-fed Association), etc.

Even though we went ahead and did all the work to receive our certification, it still comes down to who can you trust. Trust seems to be a dying characteristic in our world today. I was brought up that if you say it you do it, no exceptions. Today, people say things to line their pockets with immediate gain. Greed fills the world so much you just don’t know who to believe anymore.

I was taught:

  • If you say it, do it
  • If you do something wrong make it right
  • Don’t say something about someone that you wouldn’t say to their face
  • Leave it better than you found it
  • Wear trust as your badge

If you ever have any questions about our ranch or how we raise our cattle just email us or call us. We would be happy to share everything we’re doing to provide the best grass-fed beef in Kansas City, MO.

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