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Quarter of a Grass-Fed Beef

$500.00  (Downpayment)

When you purchase a quarter of a grass-fed beef, at $10.75 per pound, you are paying for a deposit that covers the majority of the cost. Each cow is different so your total amount of pounds may be more or less than 80-90 pounds. The down payment pays for a large portion of meat. We will collect the remainder when we deliver or you pick up.

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What Does It Include?

The $10.75 per pound includes everything. That’s just barely above grass-fed hamburger but way below the cost per pound for Ribeye. In order to make sure each quarter receives equal cuts we start with half a cow. We divide the half into equal cuts so each quarter gets the same number of steaks, roasts and hamburger. A quarter of a cow is just roughly 80-90 pounds of grass-fed meat processed the way you like.

You will receive roughly:

  • 25% steaks
  • 35% roasts, stew meat, short ribs
  • 40% of 90% lean hamburger


This is based on a hypothetical animal and the actual weights may vary

  • 40 lbs Ground Beef
  • 3 lbs NY Strip Steak (about 4 steaks)
  • 3 lbs Top Sirloin Steak (about 4-5 steaks)
  • 4 lbs Rump Roast (2 roasts)
  • 4 lbs Sirloin Tip Roast (1 roast)
  • 2 lbs Flat Iron Steak (about 2-3 steaks)
  • 1.5 lbs Filet (about 4-5 steaks)
  • 4 lbs Stew Meat
  • 5.5 lbs Short Ribs
  • 4 lbs brisket
  • 5 lbs Ribeye Steak (about 6 steaks)
  • 4 lbs Kabob Meat
  • 5.5 lbs Chuck Roast (2 roasts)


How much freezer space will it take up?

A quarter of a cow takes up roughly 4 cubic feet of space in your freezer. This amount should fit in most freezer compartments of your refrigerator.

A quarter of a cow is recommended for a small family of three.


Process it the way you want

We want to make sure you have your order processed the way you want. Our KC Grass-Fed Beef Processing Sheet is what you would fill out. Once you have it filled out you email or text it to us and we process your order.

We deliver for FREE if you are within 20 miles of downtown Kansas City. If you are outside that radius we can coordinate a pick-up location or we can charge a small transportation fee.


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