Grass-Fed Steak Price

Store Pricing

We always look at prices in the store as it relates to grass-fed steak. We want to make sure our grass-fed beef is lower than store bought grass-fed beef. Our goal is to price our grass-fed beef at the price of store bought meat that is not grass-fed.

The store can sell individual pieces of meat and you’ll see regular steak prices from $8 to $12 a pound. You’ll see regular hamburger 85/15 percent at $5 to $7 per pound. A cow basically can be broken into three different areas; hamburger, roasts & lower end steaks and higher end steaks. We take store prices of those three categories, add them together and then divide them by 3 to get an overall cost per pound.

What Does the Label Mean?

You have to watch out for the wording that companies use when they label their beef grass-fed. Unfortunately, marketing departments want to sell their product so they stretch things as much as possible. In their defense, there is not a lot of stipulations around the term “grass-fed“.

People are wanting to feel better. Eating grass-fed beef instead of beef fed corn and all sorts of other things has been proven to make people feel better. Feed lots have to give the cows antibiotics all the time to keep them alive due to the grain they’re feeding them.

The Way Things Used to Be

Before we had large feed lots producing meat the way they do now we had local farmers providing locally raised beef to the local community. You knew exactly where your beef came from and how it was raised. You probably knew the name of your local rancher.

I think we’re seeing things swing back a little. People are taking charge of their health more and more. They are not simply taking what companies say about their products. We want to provide the local community of Kansas City with the option of pasture raised, grass-fed, no antibiotics and no hormone beef from our ranch.

We Have Grass-Fed Steak For Sale

If you want to get back to the way things were and eat healthy steak from a local rancher sign-up on our site and we’ll let you know when we have beef for sale. You can purchase as small as a 1/4 of a cow or a full cow. You’ll get hamburger, roasts and definitely a lot of great tasting grass-fed steak.

Reserver Your Grass-Fed Cow Now

If you want to reserve a full grass-fed cow click HERE and we’ll contact you and put you on the list. Our supplies don’t last long so this is the best way to reserve your locally grown grass-fed beef.

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