Grass-Fed Top Sirloin

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You’re one step away from enjoying some locally raised grass-fed Top Sirloin steaks. You just enter the number of pounds you would like and hit Add to Cart. Don’t forget the 90% lean hamburger.

Our cows are locally raised on our ranch. We rotate our cows every day to new grass so they get the best natural nutrition possible. No GMO feed, no antibiotics and no added hormones.

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Our Grass-fed Top Sirloin steaks are hand-cut and aged 10-14 days to perfection. Aging makes a steak tender and helps brings out it’s natural flavor. Most of the higher-end steakhouses only serve aged steaks. Our Grass-fed Top Sirloin steaks are packaged using a vacuum packing process to ensure a quality product now or whenever you elect to eat them.

Our cattle graze our ranch in a pattern that allows us to move them every day. Our rotational grazing method can be simplified to 1/3 grazing, 1/3 trampling and 1/3 left. By doing this, we allow the energy cycle, the carbon cycle, the mineral cycle, the microbe cycle and the water cycle to naturally feed our livestock and to regenerate the land. Our passion is to create an environment that allows these cycles to flow freely. Microbes feed the soil, the soil feeds the plants which in turn feed the animals. The urine and manure from the cows feed the microbes, that feeds the plants, that feeds the animals, that feed us…

If you are within our delivery area (if you can make a purchase you are within our delivery area) we will deliver your order to your door for a small delivery fee. If you can’t order on our website but still live somewhat close to Kansas City you can email us at and we’ll try to work something out.

If you’re looking for grass-fed beef that have never ate anything but grass their entire life, have never had antibiotics and have never been given hormones, look no further. We server the entire Kansas City, MO area.

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